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Don't Be That Senator

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Conservative Trump voters are not a basket of deplorables; however, what is even worse is treating Trump Supporters as naïve and simple minded.

We need to stop blaming Trump supporters who have every right to make sure their legal vote counts. Let us stop blaming the uncompromising legal teams that are doing the job that inept bureaucrats are not willing to do.

It is unfortunate that “madness” RINOs have spent the last four years too busy attacking President Trump to fight for America.

Real RINO madness is allowing cheaters to prosper and prevail while disenfranchising and delegitimizing legal voters. What is madness is turning a blind eye to this administrations’ accomplishments which are countless successes. This includes the unprecedent successful response to the COVID-19 virus and vaccine that no one thought was possible in record speed and efficiency. On January 6th we had to many RINOs and counterfeit conservative leaders. Lets STOP the madness.

We asked all Republican Senators to send one unified voice that cheating will not be tolerated in elections, but they did not care enough to listen or take the appropriate and warranted actions. We asked our Senators to be "a champion in every crisis for good" and be courageous advocates. It appears the only thing they championed was self-preservation and a horrifying display of weak and spineless cowardliness. Our founding fathers would have never anticipated such a bunch of scaredy-cat deserters. It was a shameful response of zero support for our President Trump and zero allegiance to our Flag and Constitution.


2020-12-18 US Senator Mitch McConnell letter CLICK HERE

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