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Georgia's Radical Governance Failure!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Systematic failure in our election systems. Systematic failure in our Governance.

One of the first rules in internal business controls is the importance of systems and safeguards to keep honest people honest. Honesty and integrity play a crucial role in basic accounting. Stockholders and investors need to trust the information they receive from companies in which they invest. The same is true with legitimate and accurate elections. It appears that Governor Kemp took his chainsaw and cut all safeguards, controls, and integrity out of the voting system and processes. Governor Kemp chainsaw ripped up rudimentary regulations and controls which resulted in a complete failure of protecting Georgia Citizens’ legal votes. Here is one campaign slogan Governor Kemp surely implemented regarding cutting needful public policies and regulations; however, I do not believe this is what voters were hoping for. There is a reason why we have election laws!

How did the consent decree ever happen in the first place and was it legal? If there were “detrimental effects of the consent decree” why was it ever executed to in the first place? Why would a Governor, who had the previous role and experience in the Secretary of State, ever agree to these demands and sell-out his supporters and the entire country? Was Governor Kemp only saving his own skin? It appears that self-preservation and self-advancement may have won over integrity and doing the right thing for Georgia.

Voter Fraud...So easy a Pre-K student can understand lying and cheating. Contrary to Mr. Gabriel Sterling assertions, his facts are not the facts and the outcomes are not what they appear. I do not believe what my wife and daughter witnessed while voting was “hoaxes and nonsense”, and it is disgusting that the Yahoo Squad is calling credible witnesses “fake news and disinformation” while condemning Georgia citizens for telling the truth.

It is unfortunate that the Radical Left Squad has a new contender, The Yahoo Squad.

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2020-12-14 RESPONSE-GA Statement on Election (PDF File) CLICK HERE

2020-12-10 Georgia Senate. Statement on Election (PDF File) CLICK HERE

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