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PDF Document List

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Below are all the PDF documents posted on this website and other links all in one place. Please note that we have received little feedback from our Georgia governing agencies regarding these advocacy efforts. To our knowledge, as of 1/13/2021, there has been ZERO investigation into our 2020 Election Concern. Why is that? Maybe the picture below is more the reality with our elected officials that work for themselves and not the public. The Open Record Requests(under Zero Transparency page), Blogs, and ECE documents are listed on their separate pages. We will continue to add to more links soon; however, this is a good starting point.

DEAF, BLIND, SILENT - Our Politicians

Gee does anyone wonder what causes this condition?

YOU have no seat at the table if you can't pay someone to listen....

...even when it comes to protecting our most vulnerable population, children.

Now YOU don't even have a vote that counts!

Click on the links to Open the file:

*** Helpful Info....the below PDF files open fastest in Google Chrome.

Main Documents:


2020-11-11 Election Voting Concerns

2020-12-05 GOP Response Concerns

2020-12-09 Texas AG Ken Paxton

2020-12-14 RESPONSE-GA Statement on Election

....................Georgia Senate. Statement on Election

2020-12-17 US Senator Mitch McConnell

2021-01-07 US Senator Mitch McConnell

much more to come.....

Additional Correspondences:

2020-11-16 AG Chris Carr Correspondence

2020-12-06 Representative Doug Collins

2021-01-04 Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, reply (*1)

much more to come....

Special Notes:

*1 - The Attorney General from Ohio is kind enough to reply. What is Georgia's Attorney General Chris Carr doing for Georgia voters? How about we start with enforcing Open Records Requests and some minimal standards of transparency in our election? Please step-up or step-out of office.

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