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Jan 6 - The Real Problem(s)...

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

It is clear that American's do not believe that simply writing letters will make a difference or positive change in our country. It is even more clear by watching the riots, looting, and burning of communities across the country that our states governance and Congress is to blame for inciting, promoting, empowering, and allowing lawlessness for the sake of gaining political power.

Only now is Congress starting to feel what many Americans have suffered, experienced, and witnessed over the past few months. Americans have watched complete lawlessness in our country that is looting, burning, and destroying their businesses and communities. While the lawless criminals are terrorizing the community, we are watching law abiding citizens and businesses have their safety, livelihoods, and civil liberties being stripped away. Senator McConnell, did you feel safe on January 6? Did you have the liberty to go where you wanted today? How does lock down feel?

"I wish those politicians who were shocked by the desecration of the Capitol building would be as shocked by the desecration of our elections. Free, fair, and transparent elections are far more sacred than any of the buildings built to represent that sacredness!” - Mr. Joseph

We must demand that national elections have some degree of integrity, standardization, and accountability. It is one thing for individual states to destroy their own elections. It is an entirely different thing for states to delegitimize and corrupt a national election based on their own incompetence, reckless corruption, or both. It is a sad day when windy city politics morally bankrupts our country and corrupts the very freedoms men and women sacrificed their lives for.

In our previous letters we asked lawmakers how we honor veterans if we allow voting schemes. How did America honor the beautiful young lady that was shot dead on January 6? Is this how we honor our veterans? I really do not recall any police, in any city, taking kill shots during any of the lawless protests and rioting I saw over the last year. Was a kill shot necessary for an unarmed woman climbing through a window? I assume that Mr. Biden's fool-hearted “shooting the knees" police reform policies will not apply if a congressman and congresswomen’s life may be in danger. However, congratulations to Congress, it looks like the Republicans may have made the vital point why the 2nd Amendment is needed in America for every law-abiding gun carrier, not just the elite. At least January 6 was more effective than Governor Kemp pointing a shotgun at his daughter's boyfriend on national television. Maybe now lawmakers can still tote their guns in the Capitol. It appears lawmakers need protection from unarmed women climbing through windows to be desperately heard.

So what is our encouragement and solution.... maybe it is time for many in Congress to simply retire and stop exploiting and profiting off of hard-working American families. Obviously, the only fight and energy left in some of you is self-serving at best. It is sad to see such feeble and morally decaying leadership in America. Our unscrupulous government is not just out-of-touch with Americans, they have lost their spiritual and moral compass. For the ones not willing to retire, it looks like our fraudulent election system(s) will take care of that on its own as it did in Georgia.

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2021-01-07 US Senator Mitch McConnell (PDF File) CLICK HERE

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