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Voting Concerns Reported

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Demand Change in Georgia

Americans have suffered, bled, and died so we could vote. This election is offensive and cruel to those who suffered so much in order that free and fair elections could take place. It is disgraceful for this country to deliberately allow so many possible avenues for voter fraud and not take every measure to insist that every vote and election process is legal and legitimate. Virtually nothing was done in this election to limit the possible exposure to voter suppression (the medias widespread fake news and bogus polls), voter fraud, and illegal and unscrupulous processing of votes. The fact is that more deliberate exposure and opportunities were provided for voter fraud, errors, and illegal processing of votes while exploiting a national pandemic crisis.

Over the past decade Americans have experienced the largest fraud and con in the history of healthcare in America (“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”). Then there was the largest historic criminal hoax, abuse of power, and abuse of the legal system by the U.S. government (endless frivolous Russian collusion claims to annoy, harass, and disrupt the Presidency). Now we are seeing the largest theft and erosion of civil liberties, including but not limited to, media voter suppression in conjunction with allowable and encouraged election schemes.

The American people will not be able to put any confidence and trust in an election without significant reforms, safeguards, and improvements.

We must demand that national elections have some degree of integrity, standardization, and accountability. It is one thing for individual states to destroy their own elections. It is an entirely different thing for states to delegitimize and corrupt a national election based on their own incompetence, reckless corruption, or both. It is a sad day when windy city politics morally bankrupts our country and corrupts the very freedoms men and women sacrificed their lives for.

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2020-11-11 Election Voting Concerns (PDF File) CLICK HERE

2020-11-11 Affidavit Sent to Election Officials (PDF File) CLICK HERE

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