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Your Vote Counts?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

All Americans should care about fair, accurate, and transparent elections. Regardless of what political party, race, color, culture, religion, and economic status, every voter has a constitutional right to have their election count. Maybe I am naïve but I would hope that our government cares about our right to have our votes count as much as we do.

In the 2020 election millions of Americans questioned whether or not their vote is counting let alone being protected. If you were to ask me before this election if I thought an entire election could be rigged, I would have said No. What was it that changed my mind and caused me to question the integrity of our voting system?

Just because a candidate wins or looses is not enough reason to question a voting system that appears to have been working. So what made our family start questioning the integrity of our voting systems? The answer I believe is that my family witnessed voting fraud during early voting on Friday, October 23, 2020. Both my wife and daughter witnessed two separate incidences with two different poll workers and two different voters. I have no reason to believe that what my wife and daughter witnessed did not occur regardless of how unbelievable the lawlessness and scheme(s) may be.

Why would a first-time young voter who is only 18 years old express her concerns that she witnessed something very wrong? My daughter was the one that first expressed the concerns before my wife did. I believe the answer is obvious, and so obvious that even a new first-time-voter could smell something very wrong.

All Americans should care about fair, accurate, and transparent elections. There is no legitimate winner if cheating and unlawful processes prevail.

Both my wife and daughter witnessed two separate young boys vote when they specifically stated that they were not registered and had no ID and did not compete a voting form. Yet these young boys were helped by two separate poll workers and voted at a booth. In fact, my wife was asked to move to a different poll worker just so a particular poll worker could help these voters with NO ID and NO REGISTRATION. How is is this possible? It is not possible for these two boys to have legally voted, and to date no one at the Secretary of State or the Governors Office is telling us otherwise. To date, we do not believe our concerns and sworn affidavit was ever investigated. No governing or law enforcement agency in Georgia has ever contacted us despite our numerous letters of urgent concern.

If meaningful steps are not taken to expose the TRUTH and take corrective actions, we may never have a legitimate election again.

We hope this website continues to bring TRUTH into one of largest criminal election schemes in America's history. Praying for America.

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2020-11-11 Election Voting Concerns (PDF File) CLICK HERE

2020-11-11 Sworn Witness Affidavit (PDF File) CLICK HERE

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