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Zero Transparency

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Governor Kemp sure has an interesting definition of election transparency. We agree with Senator Purdue and Senator Loeffler that "the Secretary of State has failed to deliver honest and transparent elections." We agree with the Senators that this election was at the least mismanaged and lacked transparency.

Below we will post our reasonable good-faith efforts to obtain copies of Records that belong to the public and held in the custody of the state. There appears to be a pattern in Georgia whereby governing offices deliberate frustrate and obstruct the rights of citizens to obtain lawful records on how business is done in the state government.


*** Helpful Info....the below PDF files open fastest in Google Chrome.

#1 Open Records Request - ORR#2020-1037

SOS, ORR-20201215.100.010.001,SOS,Brad Raffensperger(email to)

SOS, ORR-20201215.100.010.001,SOS (actual request)

SOS, ORR-20201215.,SOS Estimate (email from)

SOS, ORR-20201215.,SOS,Reply to Estimate (letter to)

Why isn't the media, including Fox News, asking these questions? Where is America's truthful and passionate journalist? Journalism? What is that? Does America even now what it looks like anymore. Truthful investigative reporting is anemic in America. It is time to turn-off Fox News and do something productive! Here is even the bigger question: WHY isn't our state legislatures demanding answers to these questions? Do they really care about your vote counting?

As of 1/29/21, No response from the Georgia Secretary State Office from 12/21/2020 letter.

#2 Open Records Request- ORR#2020-1324

SOS, ORR-20201221.100.010.003,SOS (actual request)

SOS, ORR-20201221.,SOS,Estimate (email from)

SOS, ORR-20201221.,SOS,Reply to Estimate (letter to)

..."there is an effort to bar the public from obtaining records with unduly burdens of costs. These records belong to the public and are simply being maintained by the Secretary of State, who was entrusted with holding the records in the first place by the public. In placing overburden, inflated, and exorbitant costs the Secretary of State is preventing and frustrating reasonable access to the records that the public already owns. The public is demanding transparency from the Secretary of State surrounding the 2020 Election and Runoff Election. Now there is even a greater need and reasonable concern that the public must have access to these public records. I believe there should be a “good faith” effort to comply with the Law and make these records affordable for the public to access....

$395.00 to have an excel spreadsheet emailed to me regarding Federal Funds and Federal Grants- if this isn't blocking access to Open Records Request I do not know what is.

As of 1/29/21, No response from the Georgia Secretary State Office from 12/24/2020 letter.

#3 Open Records Request- ORR# 2020-1331

SOS, ORR-20201224.100.010.004,SOS (actual request)

SOS, ORR-20201224.,Estimate (emailed from)

Do you want to know how GA2010CARES federal dollars were spent for this past 2020 election fiasco in Georgia? According to the Secretary of State, to run a simple financial report it will cost a Georgia resident $78.25 to receive these details. Again, the SOS is baring the public from these records with inflated costs instead of simply posting this information for all Georgians to see on the SOS website. The Secretary of State claims the federal funds (provided by us the tax payers) were used for the following:

1. $ 8,430,435.45 Voting Processing, Staffing, Security, and Training

2. $ 1,448.804.39 Communications

3. $ 529,501.10 Security/Training/Etc.

Question Tax Payers: So what did Georgia accomplish with over $10MM of federal dollars?

Answer: A yahoo redneck fiasco election whereby nobody trusts the our election system anymore.

#4 Open Records Request- ORR# 2020-1332

SOS, ORR-20201221.100.010.002,SOS (actual request)

SOS, ORR-20201221.,SOS - Response (email from)

SOS, ORR-20201221.,SOS - STV-handout-3-18-2020 (record)

SOS, ORR-20201221.,SOS - Voting by Absentee Ballot Fact Sheet (record)

This another MO that Georgia governance uses to frustrate and block Open Records to the public. Georgia governing agencies just simple send random records that in no way shape or form demonstrate good-faith to comply with Georgia Law. See for yourself, do the records the SOS sent have anything to do with the policies and procedures I asked for? This is the game that governing agencies play so unless you actually know the exact name of the document and tell them where it is located, they will just simply send random documents. Is it possible that the SOS just simply misunderstood my request? Please not that zero effort was made by the SOS to clarify the request even when I suggested a meeting. Is the public also to believe there is are NO RECORDS and NO Policies and Procedures for voting at each of The County Election Offices? There is zero standards in Georgia on how these offices operate for a nation election? If that is the case then we really do need new leadership in Georgia.

Even when you can name the document, and the person's laptop that the file is located on, (after the state solicitor has already frivolously claimed that no record exists), then the state agency simply asserts that the document was never intended for public view. The assertion and argument that a document was never intended for public view is also misplaced and erroneous. I will prove this with another Georgia State Agency. There is no transparency with voting in Georgia, and little transparency with the educational care of your child in Georgia. Learn more Click Here.

.....Much More Coming Soon!


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